Consecration is a ceremonial process of blessing the thangkas. Rinpoche Lama; a highly realized Buddhist master makes offerings to request the master\’s blessings. The master, endowed with the clear mind of enlightenment, is able to \”bring alive\” the image on the thangka by infusing it with energy and beseeching the deity to open its eyes and look upon all sentient beings. Once properly consecrated, the thangka is a receptacle of wisdom and is considered as living Goddess. It is ready to be hung and venerated as a genuine living embodiment of enlightened mind.

Per your request we can have the thangkas blessed by Rinpoche Lama from the Kopan Monastry in Kathamandu, Nepal. The thangka would be included with silver or cream colored Tibetan silk prayer scarf known as “khadda” graced by the lama at the time of consecration.

There is a minimal charge for consecration. The fund collected for consecration will be donated to the monastry on the behalf of the thangka owner.